Elite individual perfume for successful people

What does a successful person need? Personal tailor, personal stylist, family lawyer.
And own individual perfume which favorably emphasizes the status of its owner

Successful people deserve to own the best

The tradition to have a personal perfume came to us from Europe.
In the elite perfume houses of France you can order the creation of your own personal fragrance. It will be only your perfume created on the basis of individual preferences, emotional state, psychotype, tastes and desires.
«Scents change with our mood intriguing people around us.»
— Evelyn Lauder, the leading perfumer of Estee Lauder

Want to be advantageously different?

Even so people around you use a luxury perfume, it is still a mass product.
A professional perfumer will create your own, special, inimitable and unique fragrance that will never be mass and is impossible to be forged.

Possess the own aroma

Advantages of a custom-made individual perfume
Favorably emphasizes your individuality
Individual perfume reflects the uniqueness and inimitability of your personality
The only perfume formula in the world
The perfume formula belongs to the perfumer or the customer, it can be patented
Popular trend among successful people
To possess an individual perfume is as to order a suit from a personal tailor or to have custom-made shoes

How it works

The creation of an individual perfume is a complex and time-consuming process consisting of several stages
Purpose of the first meeting: your wishes.
At achievement of mutual understanding the master will be engaged in manufacturing of your individual perfume.
Creating a composition
Depending on the wishes of the Customer the working process of the creation of your individual perfume can take from 2 weeks to half a year.
Trying on an aroma
With a new fragrance you need to live at least twenty-four hours to understand how the body and energy of the aroma will unfold, how the perfume will be felt on the skin at different phases of daytime and evening activity.
Receiving an order
When you fully like the designed fragrance, the master will make for you a flacon with your individual perfume.
Cost of your status
The creation of an individual perfume can not be inexpensive.
Cost of 1 ml of exclusive perfume from the professional
perfumer is for a customer depending on the working time for the order.

What you receive

Elite perfume for true connoisseurs
  • Your individual perfume created with a unique formula developed only for you
    The only perfume formula in the world created for you. The flacon is imprinted with a personalized shield confirming that the order is made exclusively for this customer. The shield can contain your personal logo or patrimonial coat of arms.
  • The formula of your individual perfume will highlight and multiply your strengths
    At the subconscious level you can inspire charisma, success, respect, trust, admiration and love to people around you.
  • The perfume is supplemented with natural attractive substances (pheromones)
    To evoke love, attraction, desire and passion - everything is possible for your individual perfume.

Let's get acquainted

The professional perfumer creates you individual aroma Vladislava Kochelaeva
My name is Vladislava. I create aromas which delight people around.

I am a professional perfumer. Graduated from Russian Chemical Technological University of D.I. Mendeleev with honours diploma in specialty of Chemistry and Technology of Organic Synthesis and Biologically Active Substances. For 8 years researched the impact of scents on the human subconsciousness. At first 3 years in the laboratory of Institute of Organic Chemistry of N.D. Zelinsky of RAS and then 5 years practicing aroma design in the innovative Science Park of Moscow State University.

Developed professional qualification at the best Russian and French masters (Monsieur Jean, Nicolas de Barry, Zhanna Gladkova, etc.).

My fragrances received high grades at major international perfume contests (1st place at InterCHARM 2016).

I know how aromas can affect the subconsciousness of people. For several years I developed perfume lines for secret service agents and diplomats whose main job is to inspire the trust of others.

I created dozens of individual fragrances for businessmen, politicians, community leaders, artists and other successful people. High perfumery becomes more and more in demand. And today I am willing to create an inimitable individual aroma for you.

What my clients say

References are very important for my work as for any other.
Although most of my clients do not like to talk about themselves, some of them share their impressions about working with me. Realizing that this is valuable for my future clients I publish these reviews only with the permission of the authors, always mentioning that the personal information of clients is inviolable.

How much does your uniqueness cost?

The difference between an exclusive perfume from a professional independent perfumer and spirit of the mass market
Perfume mass market
Quality and production
  • Principles of creation and sales:
    - maximal work-out of the upper notes (initiating the olfaction process in the first 10-15 minutes) with the expectation of a quick decision by the client to purchase
    - basic "bodily" notes are little formed and not worked out
  • Rigid limitation of the number of ingredients -not more than 10-15
  • Use of cheap universal ingredients not of the best degree of purification
Perfume mass market
Specification and uniqueness
  • Sold perfume is a portrait of an average consumer in a universal style
  • Use of standard concentrations of toilet water, perfumed water and perfume (10%, 15%, 20%)
  • No possibility to supplement additional perfume properties
  • Impossibility of acquiring a copyright certificate for an individual perfume formula (the formula belongs to the perfume company)
Perfume mass market
Cost and quantity
  • Quantity - 10 000-5 000 000 pieces
  • Focus group: 10-15 people "from the street"
  • Cost of packaging, advertising and marketing: 80-95% of the cost of the final product
  • Self-cost of perfume in the flacon is 5 euro (regardless of the type and quality, flacon and packaging)
You will get even more than you expect!
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